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In 1990 the Conguitos shoe brand was born, launching its first collection of children's footwear under the philosophy that would soon make them known throughout the world, comfort and style.

Dress the kids in the house with Conguitos shoes

When you hold Conguitos shoes for boys and girls in your hands, it is clear that you are dealing with products developed with dedication, a sense of responsibility and commitment to guarantee adequate growth.

The Conguitos shoe brand consolidates its image by developing a line of children's clothing. Unique pieces, elaborated and made in Spain with top quality materials.

Conguitos children's footwear models are perfect to keep up with the little ones' day-to-day rhythm. These are different models adapted to the needs of children, who, as we already know, are not usually very careful with their footwear.

A mix of good materials and resistant structures will be the best guarantee of durability.

There are some Conguitos shoes for boys and girls for the occasion

Conguitos is a brand adored by the little ones thanks to its children's designs, such as unicorn or dragon rain boots. Its trajectory, both in school footwear and in leisure, makes the Conguitos brand a benchmark for children's footwear.

We offer Conguitos footwear for all occasions, whether to go to school, do sports, extracurricular activities or leisure. We have classic and serious models of a lifetime and innovative shoes that imitate the style of the adults.

If you want to see the variety of Conguitos boots or the typical classic canvas sneakers, you just have to enter our catalog and choose the option that best suits them. They will undoubtedly be fashionable as one more!

In addition, you have at your fingertips a wide variety of sizes, designs and shades to choose from. Our supply flow is fast, so you will receive your children's Conguitos shoes in the blink of an eye. Try them at home without obligation and, if the shoes do not fit you, you can change the size for free. Everything is facilities!

To your surprise, you can enjoy the best offers on Conguitos outlet shoes for girls and boys, among which you will find quality Conguitos shoes at a lower price than imagined. All with the quality and guarantee of a great brand in the children's footwear sector.