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Discover the best collection of women's flat espadrilles from the best shoe brands, a collection made for you. When we talk about flat espadrilles, surely many of us have or have had one. Yes, that perfect comfortable shoe for the whole year although, especially, especially when the sun rises, which combines with many clothes to put together incredible looks. Undoubtedly, flat esparto espadrilles are footwear that, if it is not already in our closet, we are taking a long time to have it.

Women's flat espadrilles, a basic in your shoe cabinet

The origin of the espadrilles is found in the rural world and consisted of a jute, rope or rope sole that was used by peasants and even soldiers during the Civil War. Other uses of the espadrille had to do with traditional and popular dances, especially in the Mediterranean area, although it is said that the true origin is in classical Rome.

Be that as it may, what is clearer is that later, over the years, this lightweight shoe, perfect for withstanding the heat, began to be used more regularly and to be part of international fashion.

It is there where large fashion firms and international footwear brands have adopted them as a hallmark and have wrapped them in spectacular designs. And at Catchalot we have a wide variety of flat espadrilles for you to combine with your daily outfit.

Characteristics of women's flat espadrilles

Subtlety, comfort and style are three of the characteristics that this type of footwear prints on the person who wears it. Also known as espadrilles, flat espadrilles have perfectly adapted to a multitude of trends without losing relevance and continually renewing themselves, even with a touch back to the origins that you can wear with great panache.

Women's flat espadrilles are essential today for any type of event, be it casual or simple, although it stands out in those in which the casual and natural take precedence over the sophisticated and detailed.

As for the combination with your clothes, you will always find a model that goes according to it, since the flat espadrilles show basic looks that will match everything.

Types of women's flat espadrilles

Within the flat espadrilles there are models for all tastes and here we leave you some that you can find in our digital catalog: Women's flat espadrilles with ribbons, women's flat leather espadrilles, with rubber soles, with leather trims, with glitter, with heels, with bohemian, classic and fun touches, with prints, bright and neutral colors and a long etcetera.

Of course, in this type of footwear quality matters more than design and that is where Catchalot wins by a landslide. Your feet should feel protected at all times, especially if they are delicate. With a poor quality flat espadrille, in the long run, they will suffer.

As for colors we can mention: flat black espadrilles, flat white espadrilles and flat golden espadrilles as the most demanded colors.

How to buy women's flat espadrilles at Catchalot

We advise you to visit our digital catalog to see all the variety of products we have, such as flat espadrilles, heels, platforms, etc. Buying through our page is very simple. All you have to do is review the catalog and select the model you like with the color and size you decide.

When you carry out the purchase process, you have different options, such as free shipping over 50 euros with a delivery time of no more than 96 hours. If you prefer, you can pick it up in store for free. In this option you have up to 7 business days to do so.

You can also access cheap women's flat espadrilles, better prices if the model you have chosen is on sale.

Do not forget that Catchalot offers, in addition to a free change in the size you chose of the women's flat espadrilles if it does not fit as you expected, a guarantee of total satisfaction so that you do not have any problem with your purchase. What are you waiting for?

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