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Clarks Shoes is capable of offering collections inspired by the latest trends each season, it is a leading brand in the manufacture of footwear for day to day. Discover our collection of Clarks shoes and choose the model that best suits your needs.

Clarks designs, innovates, produces and sells more than 50 million pairs of shoes each year. Founded in 1825 by brothers Cyrus and James Clark, it is a family business located in the small town of Street, in Somerset, UK.

Each torque begins with a hackling last by hand and continues with the most advanced assembly techniques and technological benefits. Clarks's goal is to achieve 'custom -made perfection' so that the citizen of the modern world moves freely.

Are you passionate about Clarks shoes?

Clarks designs are characterized by their great versatility and premium quality, capable of adapting to different styles, activities and important occasions of the year.

Don't waste another second and discover its exclusive Clarks women's footwear collections. The Clarks firm can offer shoes that combine collections inspired by the latest trends and shoemaking crafts perfected in its almost 200 years of existence.

Clarks is a world leader in everyday footwear, innovating, designing, producing and selling more than 50 million shoes a year. Clarks footwear faithfully follows the natural shape of the foot.

What kind of shoes does Clarks offer?

The brand has two very different business lines: Clarks women's shoes and Clarks men's shoes. Both lines are based on the same values of the brand: honesty, integrity and respect.

Within the line of women's Clarks shoes we can highlight:

- Women's Clarks sandals

- Clarks women's shoes

- Clarks women's ankle boots

- Women's Clarks boots

- Women's Clarks loafers

Within the Clarks men's shoes line we can highlight:

- Men's Clarks boots

- Men's Clarks sandals

- Clarks men's shoes

- Clarks men's ankle boots

- Men's Clarks loafers

- Men's Clarks boots

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