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Mariamare is a stylish, sophisticated and benchmark shoe brand for those women who trust in their ability to seduce. The Mariamare brand is constantly renewed, meeting the real needs of the market and the catwalks. All the materials and finishes used are adapted to the reality of fashion and to the needs and desires of Mariamare women.

Mariamare was born at the end of the 90s as another footwear brand within the Mustang business group. Mariamare was born with the aim of fitting women who were looking for something more sophisticated in their shoes.

Do you know the Mariamare brand?

The Mariamare shoe brand predominates for being a dress collection, but without giving up the casual style. The target audience of the Mariamare brand is a female audience that knows what they want at every moment of their lives. Independent and active women who have a great taste for fashionable footwear.

The Mariamare women's shoe collections are loaded with new and refreshing ideas.

What shoes does Mariamare offer?

Mariamare offers women's boots, ankle boots, shoes, sandals and bags chosen with great care. The Mariamare brand has always been associated with women's dress shoes. High heels, platforms and medium heels always flood her collections.

The materials of the Mariamare shoe collections always look for the detail that makes the difference in that shoe or bag that you end up buying because you have fallen in love with its design.

Buy Mariamare shoes at Catchalot

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At Catchalot we have more than 30 years of experience in the sector and we make a great effort and select the best models of Mariamare brand shoes.

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