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Discover a wide variety of accessories for men's shoes, from insoles to products for cleaning and care of shoes. You will enjoy every step with comfort and style keeping your shoes like the first day. Come and make your selection!

The allies in the cleaning and care of your shoes are in Catchalot

Buy online all the accessories for men's shoes that you need: cleaning cream, waterproofing spray, insoles and many more items for cleaning your shoes at

The care and cleaning of footwear is essential to extend its useful life. To do this, we have numerous accessories and accessories for men's shoes that keep them clean and in an optimal state for longer.

Among the different types of cleaning and shoe care products, there are articles that provide great comfort to our feet and prevent chafing and displacement of the foot, as is the case of gel insoles, salvamedias, etc.

Sometimes we invest a significant amount of money in a good pair of shoes to make it last. However, there are numerous accessories for shoes that we normally never use and that would help us to make this shoe last longer and be more comfortable.

On our website Catchalot, in addition to a wide variety of footwear for men, we have shoe cleaning products, as well as accessories in order to ensure comfort and protect the quality of the skin.

Main accessories for men's shoes available in Catchalot

Gel insoles for footwear

These are templates made of gel with Dri-Lex that absorb and cushion the pressure of the foot when walking. In this way, they prevent pain in plants. In turn, their material allows them to be washed and reused again without any problem.

These gel templates are placed with the fluted side facing down. We are before a perfect accessory for those men's shoes with little sole that bother you when walking. With it, you can take long walks for hours without any hassle.

Among the accessories for cleaning and care of men's shoes we can highlight:

Footwear waterproofing spray

Thanks to this type of accessory, you get a shoe protector both for day to day and to prevent the effects of rain on shoes.

It is a care product of colorless footwear, so it does not leave stains on the shoes and among the materials on which it can be applied include leather boots, synthetic leather, nubuck and velvety leathers.

Once the product is applied, it will repel water, as well as dirt and moisture. A 250 ml container is suitable for footwear of all kinds of colors.

It will save you from being for long hours with wet or damp feet. An application will suffice so you can forget about the rain.

Colorless shoe cleaning cream

Made up of wax, this product helps to clean your shoes and shine as if they were new. If your shoemaker abounds with footwear made of leather, this accessory for men's shoes is made to your needs.

In addition, the colorless cream for leather shoes eliminates the marks without altering the character of the leather in the least. It is suitable for all smooth leathers, and also for suede and velvet leather, patent leather and especially for natural and matt leathers.

It will make your old pair of shoes look freshly released.

Spray for cleaning and care of shoes

This leather cleaner for your shoes leaves no trace of color. Made with citrus energy, it is accompanied by a fresh and perfumed sponge that, in addition to cleaning, restores the footwear in a single step.

It is applied using the colorless cleaning foam that the package includes by rubbing gently against the outside of the shoe. In this way, the foam will instantly suppress both the varnishes and the old coatings of the shoe surface.

This cleaning product for shoes, in addition to not leaving stains, will not damage the structure of the leather. Perfect to leave your shoes as new after a long day with them. In fact, it is among the best-selling accessories for men's shoes.

These are some of the cleaning and care products for shoes that we have in our catalog, but we have many more. So, if you have not seen them all yet, what are you waiting for?

Browse the Catchalot website and discover each and every one of our products. We are sure that among all of them you will find the right one to solve your problem.

We have the perfect solution for you, so do not wait any longer ... We look forward to your visit!