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Do you know the new trends in Fluchos men's shoes? This elite firm offers its users a spectacular catalogue, full of quality, originality, topicality and comfort. At Catchalot, we offer you the latest in Fluchos men's shoes. Put excellence at your feet without giving up fashion.

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There are many reasons that make this Spanish brand, based in La Rioja, a safe bet in terms of fashion, comfort and excellence.

The current fashionista gentleman knows that the Fluchos offer includes models inspired by the trends of each season, although conceived with that differential factor so characteristic of this brand. Because he knows how to add originality and charisma to fashion designs.

Likewise, the comfort of Fluchos men's shoes is exceptional. To a large extent, due to the quality of the materials used: titanium-tanned leather, 100% chrome-free footwear and successive anti-allergic and ecological treatments are among its advantages.

In addition, many of these models repel water and oil, while they have been made with biodegradable materials.

As if that were not enough, the rapid evaporation of sweat and total breathability are other features highly appreciated by users of Fluchos men's shoes. The interior touch padding multiplies comfort exponentially and is noticeable throughout the day.

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