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We bring a multitude of different models of Paredes shoes, the well-known Spanish shoe brand, one step away from you. If you are looking for Paredes sneakers, here we offer you a wide catalog so that you can choose the one you like the most.

Paredes is a Spanish brand with more than 65 years of experience, which was born in 1954 in Elche (Alicante) by the hand of its founder José Paredes as a men's shoe manufacturer but it was not until the 70s when they launched their first Paredes sports shoes. , which led them to shoot their success.

Do you know the Paredes shoe brand?

Since its inception, the Paredes shoe brand has offered the best value for money on the market, always improving the excellence of its footwear. Paredes brand shoes have the highest levels of comfort and ergonomics and have been designed to offer consumers products developed with the most innovative technology.

Paredes was known for manufacturing Paredes men's shoes and Paredes safety shoes. Its true success came in the 70s and 80s with the launch of the first sports and leisure shoes introduced in Spain, also making the brand the official sponsor of the Moscow Olympics of the 80s and making it the Spanish leader in sports shoe sales. . In the 80s they also introduced mountain shoes.

Paredes sports footwear was the first company that began manufacturing this type of footwear in Spain, which underwent a change when in 1999 its founder passed the company on to his sons Rafael and Francisco Paredes, who offered him a more rejuvenated style with new models that we find today.

Paredes currently collaborates with Aspanias (Association of relatives of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities).

What shoes does Paredes offer?

Currently the Paredes brand, offers us different and multitude of types of footwear to choose according to the needs:

We can find Paredes safety shoes following the line of its beginnings with a more current appearance and improved materials. Being experts in sports footwear, we have the updated Paredes sneakers with a more youthful style. They also offer a wide range of Paredes trekking shoes. In addition to this, we find some models of Paredes waterproof shoes.

Among all the models and categories available, we can find Paredes shoes according to their gender:

- Women's Walls Shoes

- Paredes men's shoes

Within these genres we can highlight the Paredes men's trekking shoes and the Paredes men's sports shoes, which have a wide variety of designs made of different materials.

In women's footwear there is a wide variety of Paredes women's walking shoes, as well as Paredes women's trekking shoes that evolve adapting to new times without leaving behind the essence of the brand.

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