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The men's leather belts stand out among the accessories that most dress in the male looks. Bet on an accessory that will make a difference both in the final result of your pants and in your overall style. Choose your favorite in Catchalot!

Choose leather belts for men in your most formal looks

Whether men's belts made of leather, elastics as models of braided belts for men's outfits, on the Catchalot website we gather them all for you.

For the occasions in which you need to give that formal and fixed touch to your look, within our catalog we have a great variety of elegant men's belts that will help you to achieve it.

Bet on buying men's belts in black and burgundy made of real leather, a perfect choice for both suit pants and for those more informal.

This belt will bring you that distinguished air you need for every occasion.

Bellido, one of the best-known brands of leather belts for men is Bellido, manufactures each of its models with skins and high quality materials that make the difference of any masculine styling.

Looks more informal and carefree? There are branded men's belts that fit your style

Thanks to our extensive catalog of men's belts, you can also get the complement according to the most informal occasions between friends and family, without giving up the original touch you are looking for.

Among the models of Catchalot deserve your attention the known as braided belts for men.

This type of leather straps confers a more bohemian look to your looks, that casual brush stroke that you look for your day-to-day outfits.

With a dark brown leather finish, the entire strap is light beige, also available in other colors such as navy blue or black.

Perfect for the summer, braided belts can be worn with long pants or with shorts. Its versatility will allow you to combine it with all kinds of garments.

Another of the types of leather belts for men that also stand out are those that combine various materials.

Like the previous ones of the mark Miguel Bellido, undisputed reference in the leather belts, this strap is characterized by its braiding in two different materials and textures. One part is leather and the other is rope, which makes it combine with any type of styling.

This type of belts for men is ideal for more casual occasions with a trouser and a shirt more arranged.

Both these braided belts with a more informal style and the more formal fine belts made of genuine leather are available in a variety of shades, all suitable for an infinity of different garments and looks.

In addition, those leather and braided men's belts are available from size 75 to 120. There is no excuse to find your perfect leather strap for your masculine looks!

If you are one of those who like fashion and want to play with accessories and accessories, what are you waiting for to visit our online catalog? Browse our website and discover each and every one of the models we have for you.

In Catchalot you can buy men's belts with total peace of mind, our experience supports us.

Of the best brand, the best quality and above all ... At the best price! Do not let more time go by and get down to work.

Who said that accessories are women's thing? Catchalot will change that idea of ​​your head and will convince you of the opposite.

You will not want to go without a belt anymore when you discover our offers. Come by and get your model!