Fluchos woman

When we talk about Fluchos footwear for women, we do it from a company with a lot of experience in combining comfort and comfort since 1960, the date of its creation. Today, you should know that it is a recognized and highly demanded brand for the care of our feet.

Characteristics of Fluchos women's shoes

Since its birth, Fluchos women's shoes has focused on innovative designs and materials, seeking comfort and style season after season. With quality as its flag and synonymous with success, the footwear is manufactured in Spain.

Another feature of Fluchos is the constant research that the brand carries out to achieve shoes that are light, waterproof, flexible and capable of regulating the temperature so that you can use them at any time of the year.

Advantages of Fluchos for women

The brand is committed to caring for the environment. For this reason, and together with the technology and avant-garde that it seeks at all times, some of the advantages that footwear has are: the use of 100% natural leathers, soles made with rubber in its entirety, the use of PVC is eliminated, dyes and glues are water-based, and even the packaging is recycled.

This brand also has a clear advantage, and it is the large number of designs that it has and that are at your disposal in Fluchos women's sales and Fluchos women's clearance. Whether you are in a more classic style, with neutral tones, or more modern or casual, with more vivid and fun colors, you always have the ideal footwear for you.

The shoes of this brand have all models for all tastes. You can even find Fluchos women's outlet shoes in our online catalog. Without a doubt, a safe bet by combining price and quality with the 100% Spanish seal that at Catchalot we sell you with a total satisfaction guarantee.

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