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The Satorisan shoe brand creates products that are respectful of the planet, durable, comfortable and full of personality. They are made from the heart, that's why there are no two identical models. Discover the complete collection of Satorisan sneakers in our online catalog!

Do you know the Satorisan brand?

In case you didn't know, Satorisan is born from Satori (悟り), a mythological creature from ancient Japan that helps people discover their true inner spirit. In this way, Satorisan shoes connect with their philosophy through 5 fundamental values ​​that they fulfill in each creation:

  1. Walking with a conscience: The firm is fully committed to caring for the planet and they make products with recycled and durable materials.
  2. Quality: Each element is carefully selected and elaborated so that Satorisan shoes are unique, durable and respectful of the environment.
  3. Comfort: Innovation and research make it possible to create practical and comfortable Satorisan footwear. Moving in style and comfort is paramount for the brand.
  4. Uniqueness: Satorisan shoes for women and men are inspired by nature. Its original designs will make you enjoy the journey of life in harmony.
  5. Accessibility: Satorisan seeks to strike a balance between quality and accessibility in order to reach many more people.

What shoes does Satorisan offer?

Satorisan offers super comfortable shoes, with a unique finish and attention to detail. That is why Satorisan boots and slippers border on excellence in the world of footwear. Authentic products designed for a conscious path and that follow processes that respect the planet.

In Catchalot, you can find all the models of Satorisan sneakers that you can imagine. Different colours, prints, types of sole or material with a 100% careful elaboration with the environment. Undoubtedly, a wide variety of Satorisan women or Satorisan men options available to suit all tastes in our online store.

Buy Satorisan shoes online at Catchalot

This season, you cannot miss Satorisan footwear, the best reinvented sneakers that are causing a sensation among the most fashionistas. Forget the weak trainers that don't last more than a year, the Satorisan are synonymous with durability, quality and robustness.

Enter our online store, choose your favorites with a single click and receive them within 24 and 96 working hours. Opt for the new collection or visit our Satorisan outlet to sign your Satorisan sneakers on sale. And remember, if you are not convinced, you can return your Satorisan shoes at any of our Catchalot stores. Do not run out of them and discover our complete catalog!

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