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Discover the best collection of women's platform espadrilles from the best shoe brands, a collection made for you. Platform espadrilles combine the relaxed and natural style of flats with the multiplicity of functions offered by platform footwear for everyday use. In fact, platforms are the types of shoes most worn by women, something that is of course no coincidence.

Advantages of platform espadrilles

At Catchalot, we are sure that comfort is one of the main characteristics offered by women's platform espadrilles, as they allow you to walk without discomfort, also thanks to the high quality materials we offer.

We must not lose sight of the fact that espadrilles with a platform allow greater balance of the hips, knees, back and commune unlike other types and the weight is distributed equally. This means that your entire foot receives the same impact everywhere.

A second advantage is versatility. Platform espadrilles are halfway between flat espadrilles with ribbons and wedge espadrilles, which means that they can be used both to wear daily to work, for example, and for a special event or going out to a party.

Another point to highlight about platform espadrilles is that they are always in fashion and, even if they are not popular in some season, they are footwear that can always be used without looking like you are out of trend.

Platforms became fashionable in the 70s, later in the 90s, and today they are back in fashion. When combined with the style of espadrilles, the result is incredible.

A fourth advantage that we can highlight is that any style fits perfectly with platform espadrille sandals. No matter what type of look you have, these shoes adapt and enhance your beauty and, above all, your height.

Platform espadrille sandals are essential when the good weather is noticeable as they are fresh, original, comfortable and blend perfectly with the lightest clothing.

A final advantage to highlight is the innovation that is constantly introduced into this footwear, with reinterpretations of its function, adaptation to new styles with new materials, sophisticated designs, etc.

And if we have to talk about colors, among the most seen espadrilles we could name the following: black platform espadrilles, white platform espadrilles and beige platform espadrilles. We can also talk about metallic colors, highlighting as always the silver platform espadrilles and the gold platform espadrilles.

Features of platform espadrilles

Women's platform espadrilles are made of natural fibers such as canvas, jute, cotton and even certain animal skins. They are secured with a very simple adjustment, either ribbons or an elastic, which is sewn to the fabric of which it is composed. A fresh, light and ecological material complements this model, ideal for combining at any time of the year, especially when the heat arrives.

As for materials, you will find jute espadrilles with a platform, which is an ecological plant fiber used for sacks, rugs or even bags. It is characterized by being fresh. Cotton fabric is also common and can be easily differentiated from synthetic fibers.

For comfort, nothing like this fabric. Animal skins, especially cows, bulls and horses, are also common, especially for cooler days. It is a very popular shoe in the Valencia region, which is why it is also called Valencian platform espadrilles. They are made with esparto grass and usually in an artisanal way.

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Catchalot has a wide catalog of platform espadrilles ready to be consulted. All you have to do is look for the model that best suits your needs, tastes and style, select the size you want and click. Keep in mind that we have a total satisfaction guarantee, as well as advantages in free shipping over 50 euros and even the possibility of picking up in store. If you have questions about your purchase, contact us and we will resolve them for you.

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