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The Himalaya shoe firm was born in 1967 in the town of Arnedo, La Rioja province, an area of great artisanal tradition in the world of Spanish footwear.

The experience and dedication of the human component of Himalaya footwear together with the most advanced technology, make this a dynamic company with progression in the different footwear manufactures.

At Himalaya S.C.L they take care of the comfort and quality of their products, therefore they use the best raw materials and invest in the research and design of their shoes.

When you bet on buying Himalaya shoes, you will know that these shoes are the fruit of the work of a company with more than 50 years of experience.

Following our commitment to always offer you the best brands, at Catchalot we have selected some of their best models.

In Himalaya, shoes combine tradition and technology

Since its inception in 1967, Himalaya footwear has distinguished itself by its artisanal construction within a sector dominated by chain production. To achieve this, their production centers use a 12-step manufacturing system. In addition to a strict quality control in the materials, the human factor and experience are decisive for results that satisfy the most demanding clients.

Just as important as supple leathers and lightweight soles are the skills and experience of cutters, trimmers, dressers, and skaters.

Remember that buying Himalaya shoes is betting on national and artisanal production. This is noticeable at first glance in all his designs. The careful details and finishing techniques prove that they are accessories made with care to last.

All this shoemaking tradition is not an impediment to an innovative and high-performance product.

Thanks to proprietary technologies such as Comfort Light, Air System, Shock Absorber, etc., Himalaya brand shoes are light, cool, comfortable to walk on, water repellent and very flexible. In short, they are the meeting point between crafts and modernity.

Himalaya footwear manufactures for men and women

Another advantage of the brand is the breadth of its offer. Whether you are male or female, you can find a wide variety of styles. From casual designs, designed for your leisure moments to other formal ones, ideal for day to day and the office.

Depending on the season, men will find Himalaya lace-up shoes, loafers and even boots with very comfortable and versatile soles.

In the Himalaya women's offer you have mary jane, shoes and ankle boots both flat and with comfortable and light wedges.

Where to buy Himalaya shoes at great prices?

Yes, now that you know how they are designed and produced, you have not yet decided to try them, the prices of Himalaya shoes will make you not be able to resist.

Despite all these quality and comfort features, they are quite inexpensive. If we compare them with other models also made of leather, you can see how they stand out. None of their designs come close to $ 100, while many competing options far exceed this barrier.

To get real bargains, knowing where to buy Himalaya shoes will be a great advantage. Bet on the collection models to wear the latest trends or look in the sales section of our website to take advantage of the best discounts.

In the Himalaya footwear outlet you will also find men's and women's designs from past seasons at unrepeatable prices.

In addition, thanks to our conditions of sale, you will have free shipping by Seur from €50 of purchase and free collection in our network of stores for your purchases of any price. All this from the comfort and tranquility of your home.

How to choose the ideal pair of Himalaya shoes?

If you have any questions about how these shoes fit, we recommend that you go to the "comments" section of our website.

There you can find the opinions of other clients like you. You can also write us by mail or call us by phone.

In the Himalaya brand, shoes are designed to provide quality, comfort and style. Visit our website and enjoy Catchalot's satisfaction guarantee on all your purchases. You will have the peace of mind of having a customer service dedicated to answering any questions. Find your perfect shoes now!

Visit our Himalaya shoes section and buy with the Catchalot guarantee!

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