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Fluchos shoes are shown to be one of the best options for our feet, providing us with excellent comfort for day to day, and allowing us to create very stylish looks. Do not miss anything about the new Fluchos collection and let yourself be seduced by this footwear that will make a difference.

Where are Fluchos shoes made? Origins of the firm

Fluchos is a family business of footwear for men and women located in Arnedo (La Rioja), founded in 1960, which has distinguished itself by incorporating the latest technical advances into its production systems, while maintaining its artisanal character. Fluchos believes in a job well done, so all Fluchos shoes are created 100% in Spain. Quality is the key to your success.

Fluchos has designed and developed systems in which the sole is the protagonist: Oxygen sole, three layers to favor temperature control and Show Step, which provides a new way of walking healthier and more natural, since it reduces the tension in feet, legs and back while activating circulation. Custom soles and equipped with new systems such as Air SystemFluchos, Shock Absorber and Air Comfort System.

Fluchos Footwear is committed to research to develop new technologies that make it possible to create lighter shoes that regulate temperature, that are waterproof or that are more flexible to offer ABSOLUTE COMFORT. Don't you know why Fluchos shoes are one of the most comfortable on the market? Would you like to try them? How would you like to dress your feet more elegantly?

What does Fluchos footwear offer?

Fluchos Footwear offers two well-differentiated lines or sections: women and men.

At Catchalot we strive to select collections that will be almost impossible for you to resist. His commitment to color, to the combination of different materials and to offering ankle boots, flat shoes, heels, trainers and boots is always welcome, since you will always find what you are looking for.

Likewise, the handling of color is very interesting, since we tend to get out of the framework of black and brown to improve the adaptability of your shoes to your personal style. With these characteristics, it seems clear that regardless of your tastes, there will be a Fluchos shoe model that will fit you perfectly.

If you want to rejuvenate your image you can get it. If you must attend an important event, you will also have the opportunity to purchase the most suitable Fluchos footwear for it. The philosophy of the Fluchos shoe brand is very simple: to provide you with a pair of shoes for every occasion.

Fluchos shoes are characterized by covering the entire possible range of models. Classic lace-up shoes, more casual options, boots and sneakers are the fundamental pillars of its catalogue. Leather in different colors is the main material.

As a curiosity, it will be worth your attention that Fluchos is a generic brand that is not limited to always repeating the same model, but never stops evolving to adapt to the new trends that are emerging in the sector. Likewise, there are options for summer and winter, which will allow you to wear a pair of Fluchos shoes at all times.

The first ones are made of breathable material so that you can face the highest temperatures of the year without difficulty. The latter are mainly made up of high-quality boots and ankle boots that will protect your feet from the cold with enormous effectiveness. Some professional Fluchos shoes!

Cheap Fluchos shoes

The price of Fluchos footwear in our online store is always the most appropriate, so you will not have to make a large outlay to enjoy its comfort. We make offers continuously, so you can find cheap Fluchos shoes at 10% less than their original price.

We also have Fluchos outlet, where you will find items from other seasons at unbeatable prices, but with the same manufacturing quality of the brand. In other words, liquidation flow items.

This peculiarity of our catalog makes us an essential option to dress your feet in the best possible way. In addition, buying on our website is very simple. After entering, locate the search box in the upper area to find our entire range of Fluchos products. When you see the catalog, you only need to click on the footwear that you like the most to expand all the information.

In the new tab that will be shown you will be able to read the manufacturing materials and the numbers available. Choose yours, add the pair of your choice to the shopping cart and pay for the order.

If you are not satisfied with the order when you get home, you can return it free of charge. Our online store concept is as similar as possible to going to our physical shoe stores. The products have the same quality and the same guarantee. Our customer service will help you if you have any incident. We just want to get your maximum satisfaction.

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As you can see, Fluchos shoes can become the main protagonists of that different touch that you always wanted to wear on your feet. Bet on our designs, enter our catalog and be surprised with our offers. Visit our Fluchos footwear section and buy shoes with the Catchalot guarantee!