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Miss Elastic is a Spanish brand known for super elastic shoes capable of adapting to any foot, elegant, comfortable and 100% animal friendly. By buying Miss Elastic shoes, you will be betting on a fashion with principles and you will help to build a better world. Discover the complete collection at Catchalot now!

Do you know the shoe brand Miss Elastic?

Miss Elastic was born as a speaker to promote products with a more equal, sustainable and respectful world. All his creations do without animal skin and avoid polluting manufacturing processes both for the world and for the workers. We are talking, therefore, about the first Spanish brand of 100% animal friendly footwear. By buying Miss Elastic, you will avoid mistreatment of nature and you will revolutionize the world of fashion.

What shoes does Miss Elastic offer?

Miss Elastic offers a wide variety of footwear models for the whole year. From the classic ankle boots to the fashionable sneakers, going through the lounges and the summer sandals.

The hallmark of this firm are the elastic Miss Elastic boots and its elaborate Miss Elastic ankle boots with non-animal skins. Dispensing with this material in the manufacture does not imply that the quality of the footwear is not good. Quite the opposite. Miss Elastic shoes are created with eco-leather and natural fabrics, which implies high durability and exceptional quality. You just have to look at the Miss Elastic booty for women to see that it's true.

Enter our website and choose your favourite. Whether it's to go to work, to go out with friends or to walk around the city, your Miss Elastic will adapt to any plan!

How to combine your Miss Elastic ankle boots

Miss Elastic footwear is so versatile that you can make a thousand and one combinations. Get some brown leather boots to wear with your jeans and your coat and some Roman-style sandals for your summer outfits. And, if you want to be fashionable but without losing comfort, complete any of your outfits with one of their sneaker models. And one last piece of advice: always have black or nude salons for special occasions.

Remember that buying Miss Elastic is very simple. You just have to choose your favorite model and we do the rest. Discover the Miss Elastic brand and enjoy comfortable and stylish footwear throughout the year. And, for winter... don't forget the Miss Elactic booties!

Buy Miss Elastic shoes at Catchalot

Miss Elastic shoes have a very beautiful and current style, which helps you complete all your looks as they deserve. In addition, the new Miss Elastic collection available at Catchalot has designs that fit your feet very well so that you feel like they are between cotton. And best of all: excellent value for money. All this has achieved that the opinions of Miss Elastic are the most favorable.

At Catchalot.es you will find the best Miss Elastic shoes for women in the blink of an eye with a single click. If you are a lover of trends and want to wear the new collection of Miss Elastic boots, you are in the right place.

On the other hand, if you prefer to buy more cheaply, you can go to our Miss Elastic outlet area and choose the one that best suits your budget. Within a period of 24 and 96 working hours you will have them at home completely free of charge on orders over 50 euros. Buy responsibly and take care of the planet thanks to Miss Elastic!

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