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Biomecanics is a brand of children's shoes always interested in innovation and in satisfying the specific requirements of a growing foot and has to make it footwear in the most appropriate way. Calzados Bimecanics offers boys and girls the quality, comfort and design alternatives that all parents want for their children.

The Garvalín company began a research project with the Valencia Institute of Biomechanics and, in 1996, the brand of children's shoes Biomecanics was born, whose priority mission is ergonomics and suitability for use.

Through studies in thousands of children and the observation of needs based on age, Biomecanics creates a range of highly comfortable products, where materials and manufacturing are committed to ergonomics.

This season, the Biomecanics girl and Biomecanic boy collections have everything to become your favorites. Are you interested in knowing why?

Biomecanics footwear for girls and boys, this season's big surprise

The Biomecanincs company strives to manufacture sustainable footwear with materials of excellent resistance and quality.

The Biomecanics collection of shoes for girls moves away from the clichés to use the right dose of color, but always in designs in which comfort and robustness triumph. Only a few light strokes will remind you that it is a children's shoe.

The Biomecanics collection available for children will allow you to choose from a range of sports shoes and sneakers that can well be considered a scale replica of adult shoes, that is, Biomecanics is committed to footwear that is easy to wear, put on and take off.

The small details are completed with a sole of enormous resistance despite use and, in some models, with Velcro to facilitate the adjustment to the foot of the chosen design.

The price of the Biomecanics collections for girls and boys

After reading the information above about Biomecanics shoes for girls, you might think that the price of each pair is too high for you, but it is not.

We have a Biomecanics outlet so you can save from 10% compared to the original price. We include models from this season on a regular basis.

In order not to miss out on any offer of Biomecanics shoes for girls, you just have to access the Catchalot website. Use the upper search engine to type the name of the brand and find the available items. Select the ones you prefer and you will receive them quickly where you indicate us. Refresh the image of your children and allow them to feel comfortable whatever they do. Due to their durability and resistance, they will also become your favorite shoes.

Visit our Biomecanics children's shoes section and buy online with the Catchalot guarantee!

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