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In Catchalot we offer you one of the largest selections of Paula Urban women's shoes, in which you will find a wide variety of shoes to choose from that stand out for their style and comfort.

Paula Urban is a Spanish women's shoe brand, born in Spain in one of the most important shoe stores in the world: the Spanish Levante.

In the Spanish east, centuries of accumulated history are breathed in the art of caring for and shaping the noble skin, a fundamental step to make the shoe something alive that advances with a firm step at the pace demanded by today's society.

In this environment so favorable and demanding at the same time, Paula Urban shoes begin to take their first steps.

Among the differentiating elements of Paula Urban as a brand we can highlight:

  1. Love of the raw material: Always looking to work the skin to make it richer, we would say to ennoble it, filling it with absolutely extraordinary finishes and flexibility where manual processes are of vital importance.
  2. Comfort: Comfort as a previous step to anything else. Paula Urban studies each of the components that are going to make contact with the foot and it is possible to isolate the most elastic parts of the latex covering itself with a layer of breathable skin, which gives a real sensation of pleasure when walking. The exclusive one has just been born: Leather-Latex R10 Flot –Up System.
  3. Fashion It is the last objective, the one that must summarize and reflect all the previous efforts and steps, working with the latest trends translating its proposals to the Paula Urban woman, who always thinks about vitality, dynamism but without giving up comfort at all .

If you are looking for a comfortable and stylish look for this season, Paula Urban sandals are all you need.

Why are Paula Urban shoes so successful? Because they combine exquisite comfort and aesthetics.

Sandals Paula Urban: comfortable and beautiful

When you are going to buy Paula Urban footwear, you are sure that what you value most is comfort.

There are many hours you spend a day standing and walking from side to side, so you need sandals that adapt precisely to your style and pace of life. You will be surprised by Paula Urban's women's sandals!

They have a beautiful casual style and are made of leather. A great advantage to keep in mind is that it is an elastic, flexible and breathable material.

In addition, Paula Urban sandals have an anatomical gel insole, with which you will feel walking on feathers. A comfortable texture that takes care of your feet, absorbing the impact when walking.

Paula Urban shoes for the whole year

Throughout the year it is essential to have good shoes at the bottom of the closet. Paula Urban women's shoes are an excellent choice for sophisticated women who value comfort.

Closed shoes, with laces or zip closure, with a very marked casual style.

Paula Urban boots

Paula Urban boots are what any 21st century woman needs for fall and winter.

In the catalog you can find both wedge and flat and heel ankle boots. Made of leather, they are very elegant and adapt perfectly to any type of look.

You will take advantage of them throughout the season, since they are a very versatile type of footwear, perfect for any occasion: go shopping, go to the office ... You will feel very comfortable with them!

Paula Urban boots are available in classic colors such as black and brown.

There are also more modern models, which incorporate small details, such as golden tacks, which make them unique pieces.

Paula Urban boots

In both autumn and winter, Paula Urban boots are the most sold. Made of leather, they bring a touch of elegance to any look.

For example, if you add a pair of high boots to a simple jeans and shirt attire, the thing changes completely!

They are timeless heel boots, which never go out of style and that you can enjoy for many years. The insole is also made of leather, so you will feel very comfortable walking with them, adapting very well to the foot and offering great breathability.

Why do you like Paula Urban footwear so much?

The footwear brand Paula Urban has three great hallmarks. To start, make your garments with raw materials of the best quality available and all Paula Urban women's shoes are made of natural leather that is worked by hand.

Second, all footwear is very comfortable, since the brand studies in detail all the components that will be in contact with the foot, isolating the most elastic parts of the latex and covering them with a layer of breathable leather that provides great comfort .

And finally, it should be noted that Paula Urban always works with the latest trends in the fashion sector, valuing vitality and dynamism.

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