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The IGI&CO shoe brand was born in 2002, they are footwear characterized by extreme lightness, flexibility and breathability guaranteed by the use of selected leathers.

The Igi&Co shoe brand is a project developed in accordance with the principles of high-performance technical product, stylistic research and Italian taste. All IGI&CO collections present shoes for “cross-purpose” use, comfortable and with the “features” of sports shoes, but with an urban look suitable for both formal occasions and everyday situations. For this reason, at the launch of the brand the slogan “Sporty inside” was used, precisely to express the brand's strong vocation for high performance and multifunctionality.

Furthermore, the style, especially cared for, can perfectly allow for formal use and in the workplace, on trips and transfers, but at the same time for walking and relaxing during the weekend. Therefore it is a product for universal, dynamic and modern use.

Lightness, breathability and flexibility are the foundations on which the IGI&CO brand was founded in 2002. The objective is to offer a high-performance technical product with which to make everyday life easier. That is what you will find in this section, IGI&CO shoes combine style and comfort to show off an urban look without giving up sports comfort.

IGI&CO, urban style for everyday life with a sporty soul

The brand belongs to the IMAC group, one of the industrial leaders in international footwear for more than 40 years. The careful style of IGI&CO shoes for men and women favors their use both in everyday life and on formal occasions. Work, travel or walk with any of the IGI&CO models for women and men that we put at your disposal in this dedicated space on our website.

IGI&CO for men and women offers you a product designed for universal use in which dynamism and modernity come together with the purest Italian fashion. Enjoy stylish and comfortable footwear, the sporty soul hidden in the most current urban style.

Great selection of IGI&CO footwear

If you are looking for the best prices, discover the IGI&CO online outlet that we have available for you. Find the model you are passionate about with great discounts. The IGI&CO for women outlet offers unique models such as IGI&CO sandals for women or IGI&CO sneakers for women. In addition, we have a wide selection of models for men.

IGI & CO and positive opinions go hand in hand. Since its launch, the brand's customers highlight the comfort of its footwear. If you are looking for a quality model with a design designed to withstand everyday life and with style, choose IGI&CO.

Visit our section of Italian shoes from the Igi&Co brand and buy with the Catchalot guarantee!

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