Sale women's heeled espadrilles - New season 2021

Discover the best collection of women's heeled espadrilles from the best shoe brands, a collection made for you.

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Heeled espadrilles are ideal for multiple activities. If you are a fan of sophistication and glamor; If you are a specialist in combining your clothes, your shoes and your accessories and always be fashionable, and if you are a person who puts comfort first in fusion with style, then you are an ideal woman to wear espadrilles with heels like the ones we have in Catchalot.

Advantages of heeled espadrilles

Let's start from the basis that heels are accessories that should always be in your closet. It is true that there may be some disadvantages, especially if you are not used to wearing them regardless of the type of footwear, but above all they have many advantages.

The first and very important is that espadrilles with low or medium heels help you improve the appearance of your buttocks and calves. The toning of those muscles will be a constant as you use them more. In addition, thanks to the simplicity and comfort of espadrilles, you can use the heel for longer without getting so tired. In addition, with the balance that you perform in this type of footwear, you will strengthen the abdomen and improve posture.

Another advantage of wearing espadrilles with a heel is being able to adapt to any type of style, whether casual or formal, without having to change it. Precisely, the type of heel it has, together with the designs that define the models (which include various colors and shapes), will make this versatility possible.

A third advantage is the ease of adjusting to various market trends. We know that high-heeled footwear had its origin in the 15th century, although many think that they were used since ancient Egypt.

Be that as it may, the evolution that this accessory has undergone is such that, today, fashionable heeled espadrilles are still the order of the day, as well as not losing their validity.

Characteristics of espadrilles with heel

Espadrilles are made of different materials such as cotton, jute or leather, that is, 100% natural elements. However, there are already models that use some synthetic materials, such as plastic or nylon.

This footwear is characterized by adjusting and achieving a good fixation to the foot to prevent its movement. This adjustment is made with an elastic or a strap, which is connected to the upper part of the shoe.

The materials of these espadrilles, therefore, are light, fresh and ecological, capable of providing total comfort even on very hot days.

One of the main characteristics to take into account of this type of esparto shoe is durability. It is not that they last many years, but with certain care, especially those made of fabric, even cheap heeled espadrilles, can last more than 3 years.

Decide to buy heeled espadrilles at Catchalot

The purchase of footwear online is increasingly in vogue. At Catchalot we are aware of this and, therefore, on our website you can find the espadrilles models that best suit your personality.

All you have to do is visit our page and select the espadrilles that you like. Consider colors, fit style, and even sole. Also choose the size and follow the process to buy.

Keep in mind that you can opt for free shipping to Spain and Portugal if you buy at least 35 euros, although you can also pick up your selection in the store. And if you need to make a change in size, you can do it at no cost.

Remember that we offer an absolute satisfaction guarantee and, if you have any kind of problem with your purchase, you just have to contact us to help you solve it. What are you waiting for to buy your espadrilles with heels?


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