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Welcome to our section of the Callaghan shoe brand, designed for you to see our extensive online catalog of Callaghan shoes for women and men.

Callaghan Shoes is a Spanish brand with more than 50 years of history. Its founder and president Basilio García Pérez-Aradros created in 1968, in Arnedo (La Rioja), what we know today as Grupo Hergar (Callaghan).

Callaghan is a family business. In 1972, the Group's first shoe brand was launched under the name of Garcan, in 1978 the Tanke brand was created. From the union of the Tanke and Garca brands, Callaghan shoes emerged in 1987, a brand name that responds to a multicultural philosophy foreseeing the subsequent globalization of footwear consumption markets.

Do you know the Callaghan shoe brand?

The Callaghan shoe brand creates products that combine artisanal tradition with the latest technology, offering consumers high added value.

Callaghan shoes models bring personality, design and modernity. Callaghan shoes stand out for offering a plus of comfort. These characteristics, together with the use of top quality materials in its manufacture, have positioned Callaghan as the leading brand of footwear sales.

Callaghan in its beginnings stands out for the manufacture of classic style shoes such as Castilian shoes or moccasins. But the final launch of the brand comes in 1991, with the launch of the first nautical shoes with patented air chamber technology.

Continuing with the research and discovery of new technologies, the brand launched in 2004 the patented Callaghan Adaptation footwear technology. A key milestone for the group, "the shoe that fits the foot." The Callaghan brand created in this way, a product with unique features in the market, also providing unprecedented comfort.

Callaghan continues to reinvent itself to create shoes that offer a unique walking experience, combining technology with craftsmanship and comfort with design. Taking care of every detail in the manufacturing process and using only natural skins of first quality, raw materials of first level and patented soles of last generation.

Among the latest technologies created by the brand, we must highlight: Callaghan Squalo, Callaghan Walker, Callaghan Mare, Callaghan staff and of course Callaghan Adaption.

The Callaghan shoe brand was associated with the values ​​of freedom, enjoyment and originality!

What shoes does Callaghan offer?

We can differentiate different types of Callaghan shoes according to their technology, we explain it below:

Callaghan Clasics: They are classic style shoes. They stand out for their resistant sole of non-slip natural rubber and of great durability. They are products made of natural leather whose main characteristic is their high resistance and easy cleaning. Mention Callaghan's nautical shoes.

Callaghan Adaptation: It is the most outstanding technology of the brand. As they say, it is the first shoe that adapts to the foot and its increase in width between 5 and 8 mm when walking. Currently, except for the most classic models, all the brand's products carry this technology. Highlight Callaghan loafers for everyday use with a casual and elegant style.

Callaghan Adaplite: It stands out for incorporating XL Extralight technology, it is a very light material that is used for the manufacture of shoe soles. It is very light, waterproof, fire resistant, soft and moldable. In addition, it cushions when walking. Like Callaghan Adaptation, today, it is used in the vast majority of Callaghan products and is combined with the previous one. That is, if a shoe has Callaghan Adaplite technology, surely it also has Callaghan Adaptation. Highlight the casual shoes of Callaghan.

Callaghan Squalo: Created to walk more with greater comfort. It is an innovative design of the caterpillar-shaped sole, this gives it a greater capacity for absorption and return of the energy we use when walking. Highlight Callaghan sneakers with this technology.

Callaghan Walker: This technology absorbs 248% more impact on the tread than standard footwear, thus protecting your joints and significantly reducing the biomechanical load on your knees. Highlight Callaghan sports with this technology.

Callaghan Mare: The latest in technological innovation applied to the shoe. Dual density sole that recreate the waves of the sea, endows them with great capacity for impact absorption when walking, returning energy and providing maximum stability. Feel that you float when walking. Highlight Callaghan sports shoes.

Callaghan Personal: The first shoe adapted to the weight of each person. Thanks to 3D printing technology, Caalaghan Adaptation Personal allows us to manufacture a pair of shoes for the first time according to the weight of each person.

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FAQs Questions

What does Callaghan Adaptaction mean?

Callaghan Adaptaction is a technology patented by Callaghan that gives its shoes ergonomic designs. This technology, allows the shoes to adapt to the foot and its increase in width of between 5 and 8 mm when walking, provides flexibility and cushioning with minimal weight.

Where did Callaghan shoes originate from?

Callaghan is a Spanish brand and a family business with more than 50 years in the footwear sector. Callaghan shoes are a unique walking experience, combining technology with craftsmanship and comfort with design.

What are the fashionable Callaghan shoes?

Callaghan shoes mark style with their designs in current footwear fashion and their light, comfortable and resistant soles will allow you to enjoy your Callaghan shoes for a long time, as they offer the best walking experience.