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Desireé Shoes is a Spanish footwear brand with more than 30 years of experience, the manufacture of each Desireé brand footwear involves several artisan processes, with Desireé you will enjoy from the first step a Premium shoe in design, comfort and fashion. Desiree Zapatos was founded in Elche in 1987. Shoemaking tradition, rigor and professionalism are the values that define the brand.

Main characteristics of Desireé shoes

If there is something that must be highlighted in Desireé shoes, it is the quality in their manufacture and their comfort. The leathers used in the manufacture of any Desireé brand footwear are soft, breathable leathers and chrome-free dyes are used in their tanning.

Desiree Shoes makes its collections in its own factory located in Elche. They take care of each manufacturing process. In addition, the materials they use are carefully selected following a permanent supplier evaluation procedure.

The Desiree shoe can be defined as maximum comfort, craftsmanship and quality.

What does Desiree shoes offer?

Desiree shoes stand out for having unique convenience and comfort. They are ergonomic, flexible, have technology such as Shock Absrobe (absorbs and minimizes impacts when walking) and are soft and breathable.

Desiree manufactures all kinds of shoes. If we have to highlight any type of brand's shoes, we could say that Desiree pumps or Desiree heels are the most characteristic, especially due to the comfort of this type of footwear. Regarding technology, Desiree total flex shoes is the best known due to comfort.

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