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¿Conoces los zapatos Snipe disponibles en Catchalot? Son elegantes, versátiles y muy cómodos, perfectos para cada momento y cada sitio. 

Snipe was born in 1981 with Ernesto Segarra Tormo as founded, being heiress of the Vall de Uxó footwear tradition created by the Segarra family.

Tradition that begins with the espadrille industry since the seventeenth century, evolving into shoes at the beginning of the twentieth century. Snipe also reflects the influence of the Silvestre Segarra e Hijos factory, which in the 20th century was the largest in Spain and, for a period of time, the largest in Europe.

His philosophy is originally nautical. Your banner ... The nautical shoe. Hence its name ... Snipe, which is a sailboat designed by William in 1928.

The Snipe shoe brand is a casual, slightly casual shoe company, lover of nature and open spaces, of ecology. His designs advocate simplicity and naturalness, good taste and quality.

Snipe has always tried to maintain these values ​​both in his shoe designs and in his personality. It is a brand that gathers current trends without the frenzy of fashion for a very varied audience.

Are you a casual man? Make up your mind to buy Snipe shoes and you'll be right

Thinking about Snipe shoes for men is always synonymous with nautical shoes. This model is as classic as essential and, in addition, it is still one of the company's best sellers. You can choose the thickness of the sole, if you want them with or without cords, the color and flexibility of each pair.

It should also be noted the sobriety of the designs of shoe laces with vintage strokes, which combine very well with jeans and even more pants to wear, and boots that can serve both to go to the field and to protect you from the rain .

In both cases, Snipe brand shoes assure you maximum comfort, without having to give up your style.

The Spanish brand has been creating models for decades that stand out for maintaining a classic style, but to those who have been adding modern nuances that increase their comfort and adaptability to any type of situation.

You will find it easy to find the perfect model you need to turn your feet into one of the key points of your personal image.

And for them, discover the wide range of Snipe shoes for women

Snipe shoes for women are characterized by a sober design easily combinable. We must highlight the collection of specific nautical and unisex sports shoes.

The possibility of adapting the classic models to the style of women is a good alternative to consider to completely renew your image.

Remember that the brand always bets on the use of basic colors such as black, brown or white. Thus, it will be much easier to combine your pair of shoes with your daily clothes.

Snipe shoes are manufactured to be used continuously without fear of ending up deforming.

Dare to wear nautical shoes or Snipe boots at unbeatable prices and you will destroy!

It is a shoe to go to work, to go out to the field or to walk without the rigors that fashion can impose on you.

You deserve a pair of comfortable shoes in your closet and feel comfortable when you wear them. Take the step and get some Snipe shoes for women.

Look, fall in love and choose. How easy it is to buy Snipe shoes online at Catchalot!

Snipe shoes are among the most demanded products by our clientele. To buy Snipe shoes easily you just have to search by brand at the top, select Snipe and get the list with all the results.

Within it, you just have to click on the image of the ones you like most to expand the information of that specific model.

If they convince you, choose your number and choose where you want us to send it to you. If it is at home, we usually organize various offers throughout the year to make it cheaper. However, shipping to your nearest Catchalot store is always free.

We offer you the same customer service as in our shoe stores. You can ask for another number, change the color or do any type of management comfortably. What we always look for is that every purchase you make on our website meets your needs and leaves you with the best possible taste in your mouth.

Trust Snipe shoes and our experience so that your personal style is just the one you always wanted. Ask us any questions you have about our customer service. We will be happy to assist you.

Visit our Snipe men's shoes section and shop online with the Catchalot guarantee!

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