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Color Feet Shoes was born in 2016 with the intention of creating comfortable, aesthetic shoes that are easy to combine with all your outfits, both formal and informal. In addition, this footwear is 100% made of leather and made in Spain, do you dare to discover the new Color Feet collection?

Buy your Color Feet shoes, the shoes to be worn!

As you can see, Color Feet shoes are the latest in comfortable shoes for your day to day. It is a shoe that you will want to wear for many years, since they do not go out of style and, thanks to the quality of their materials, they adapt naturally to your feet.

Do you want to know their collections? We talk about some of the Color feet shoes that you will find on our website.

Color Feet shoes, the casual tread for your day

They are those shoes that you were looking for for any occasion that comes your way. Jeans, short skirt, or dress pants? Discover the Color Feet footwear that best suits every moment.

On our website you will find a wide variety of shoes from the Cour Feet collection, for both men and women, that you will love to wear for those informal occasions.

If you want to stand out with a comfortable and aesthetic footwear, bet on the classics with laces, rubber sole, leather exterior and textile interior: now with exceptional quality and comfort.

The most stylish sandals from Color Feet shoes

This Spanish brand is a specialist in casual style sandals for men and women. For this reason, you will find a great variety of this type of Color Feet footwear on our website. You can choose different soles so that you can choose the ones that best suit the shape of your feet and needs.

Within the sandals, this brand has a wonderful collection of Menorcan shoes for men and women with beautiful and elegant colors. In addition, the collection of feminine menorquinas combines comfort with the jute sole that is so fashionable.

Do you prefer sandals with an eva-type sole so that, in addition to walking comfortably, you are taking care of the health of your feet? Some models of Color Feet shoes have this ergonomic sole that adapts naturally to your feet, giving you a more pleasant and good footprint.

Unisex Safaris Color Feet Shoes

Safari-style ankle boots are the other specialty in the Color Feet footwear collection. You will find them for both men and women or even unisex; thanks to the fact that it is a wide and leather shoe that adapts to any shape of foot and tread.

Most are characterized by their outer material in suede or split leather, their laces and their rubber sole, usually with a small height of 1 cm.

Color Feet shoes safaris are great to pair with casual-style clothing such as jeans, cloth pants, and even shorts.

As you can see, on our page you can find safari-type shoes from this brand in different colors, such as dark brown, camel, gray ... Discover the selection that is most in fashion right now.

Discover our collection of Color Feet shoes now and do not give up comfort to wear beautiful, quality and fashionable shoes. We have the best selection on our website!

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