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The Alma de Candela shoe brand began in 1960 with the manufacture of high-end women's shoes in Arnedo, one of the main national reference manufacturing centers. 100% MADE IN SPAIN.

Buying Alma de Candela shoes at Catchalot is very easy, we have a selection of the best items of the brand. The products of the Alma de Candela brand are distributed in Women and men, although the women's collection is undoubtedly their strength.

Do you know the Alma de Candela brand?

Alma de Candela is a Spanish shoe brand. It is a family business that was founded in 1960.

Alma de Candela is a benchmark in design, fashion and technology, both in production processes and in engineering applied to the shoe. Their shoes are made by shoemaker craftsmen with 21st century technology.

The Alma de Candela shoe brand represents the values ​​of a well-made, comfortable, ergonomic and high-quality shoe.

What shoes does Alma de Candela offer?

The Alma de Candela brand only offer quality shoes “made in Spain”, fresh designs, fashionable and controlling all the processes in production. His shoes are made by hand and 100% in Spain.

Alma de Candela controls all manufacturing phases. What it means, that they take care of every last detail is the elaboration of each shoe.

They offer a fashionable product without forgetting the comfort and convenience. The quality of the Alma de Candela ankle boots should be highlighted above all.

It should also be noted that the brand uses chrome-free leathers in its manufacture.

Buy shoes Alma de Candela in Catchalot

Buying Alma de Candela shoes at Catchalot is very easy. You can buy both in our physical stores and online. The quality of the products and the price is the same.

Our company has more than 30 years of experience in the sector and online payments are 100% secure. That is, buying Alma shoes online at Catchalot is a guarantee.

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