Women's heeled sandals

Heeled sandals for women remain a trend that does not lose its validity. This type of footwear is characterized by adapting perfectly to any personal style. Easily increase your elegance and stylize your figure.

Discover the different options at your fingertips (wide-heeled sandals, square-heeled sandals, elegant high-heeled sandals ...) to get the most out of the next heeled sandals you buy.

Discover our wide variety of women's sandals at Catchalot.

Heeled sandals for women

Given the variety of models of heeled sandals, it will be difficult to keep a single pair. Remember that women's heeled sandals are a perfect wild card, because they combine very well with all kinds of garments.

The following classification will help you choose the model that best suits your personal needs and tastes:

Elegant high heeled sandals

High heeled sandals can become the perfect excuse to bet on elegance. They usually have a medium or small heel, so you can stylize your figure more easily.

The use of neutral colors or pastel shades allows you to combine your elegant high heeled sandals with various alternatives. You can wear them to go to any type of family event or popular party. They adapt to you easily. You just have to choose the heel height, the type of strap they carry and all the details that you consider essential to not give up either comfort or your personal style.

Wide heeled sandals

Wide-heeled sandals are the most similar to a high-heeled shoe, but with the addition that its wider heel increases your stability and gives you a different air when walking. Of vital importance are also the colors of the upper strips. Depending on the colors you choose, you can combine them better with your favorite clothes.

Remember that most manufacturers take great care that the design of the heeled sandals is ergonomic and that their weight is as light as possible. Check the type of material, the shape and height of the heel very well to make sure you're going to feel as comfortable as you deserve. You will surprise everyone!

Square heeled sandals

Square heeled sandals allow you to wear a shoe that combines the elegant and casual. It is common to find designs that bet more for discretion and for not giving up comfort.

The variety always plays in your favor to choose a pair of heeled sandals more suitable to go to places where a certain label is required, or to bet on more colorful models that allow you to wear them daily. What is certain is that your feet will become a fundamental part of the image you want to transmit.

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You can return your shoes or change them without any problem.

Do not forget to trust our offer to purchase now the heeled sandals that will allow you to dress your feet better than ever before next summer.


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