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Those known as chunky sandals continue to lead current trends, they give you height, sophistication, comfort and character. In this section you will discover the best selection of chunky platform sandals.

The triumph of chunky sandals

The world of fashion footwear is startled by the undeniable rise of women's sandals with a chunky platform. The main trend gurus from Paris, London and New York warn of the importance of this winning shoe, the platform sandals.

Chunky sandals are robust, sporty models, with a compact and somewhat orthopedic character. They appear large and showy, perhaps that is why they are not the most flattering on the market. All in all, they have become the most chic and demanded model. Comfort, freshness and a cool character play in your favor.

What women's chunky sandals are worn?

Actually, all designs that embrace this approach are very popular. However, the so-called ugly sandals are the most. They are inspired by traditional hiking sandals with velcro closure. Years ago they were used by foreign tourists with socks. You remember? It is a trend, by the way, that is also coming back. Do not hesitate to wear your sandals with some well-chosen socks!

The name zapachanclas is much more descriptive than glamorous. Still, they get along a lot. This mixture of sports and sandal multiplies the comfort and freshness. So much so that it has become a must in the most current urban street wardrobes.

The ambiguous, groundbreaking and dynamic character of these women's platform sandals is not without an inexplicable sex appeal that works very well. Rise above fashion! As for the tones, neutrals stand out, especially black and browns. To a lesser extent, but also well valued, white can help you create very attractive total white outfits or, if you prefer, create contrasts with other color outfits.

The platforms also significantly increase their size. As if rising a few inches was very valuable to contemplate life. Don't be afraid to wear women's sandals with a platform at any time or day-to-day situation. For work, for the party, for university classes or to pick up your children from school, the tall women's chunky sandals will fit you perfectly.

Learn to combine women's sandals with platforms

You will always create your own style with platform sandals. To your liking, depending on your preferences and desires. However, it is interesting to know what is moving in fashion trends so that you can decide if you want to follow them, ignore them or be inspired by them.

These are some of the outfits with chunky platform sandals that celebrities and influencers are popularizing today:

  • Flip-flops with sporty soles and leather straps combined with a long, flowing, patterned dress, under a jacket with an XXL trend. It is a chic styling with a professional air and a lot of vibes.
  • Clog type with bohemian-inspired midi dress and even strategic transparencies.
  • Classic chunky sandals for women in black, flat and robust, with boho-style wrap skirts.
  • Black designs with a platform combined with a white set, enhancing the contrast. With pleated pants or jeans and a fine blazer they look incredible.
  • With sportswear. The most comfortable and trendy outfit is to combine them with sporty pants, a t-shirt or a sweatshirt and a good shoulder bag. Youthful and very current, this approach will allow you to enjoy maximum comfort

The best options for platform sandals

Women's platform sandals are perfect for having comfortable footwear, but at the same time giving you extra elegance. We have esparto platform sandals for slightly more informal looks; With a printed dress and a denim jacket you will have a perfect outfit.

But we also have black platform options if you want them for more special occasions, like a dinner with friends or even to go to an event. With dress pants and a jacket they will look perfect.

Among our women's platform sandals you will find those that suit your budget and your taste. With platform flip flops you will be as comfortable as possible and you will give the whole outfit a very interesting and eye-catching extra.

Top Quality Platform Sandals

If you want black platform sandals that will last a long time, we recommend opting for top quality brands. Our women's platform sandals have the best level, discover the options from brands like Skechers or Andares.

Which platform sandals do you like the most? Find women's platform sandals in the most diverse colors. If you are a little more classic, opt for black or brown tones. And if you feel like trying something different, find options in green or pink.

Enjoy the best prices on platform sandals in our online store and take the opportunity to buy those shoes that you have been wanting to have for a long time. Are you already thinking about the outfits you are going to design?

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