Sale braided women's sandals - New 2021 collection

Braided sandals are all the rage among current trends at Catchalot, discover the spectacular collection of braided sandals for women with which you can wear the latest and show off an excellent style at the best price.

If what you are looking for is another type of footwear, visit our women's sandals section.

What braided sandals do you wear?

If you like to wear comfortable without sacrificing style, flat braided sandals are among the best options. Their casual and attractive character makes them a must for your day to day. Above all, considering how comfortable they are.

Also, the highlight of the season are the padded and braided sandals. They offer a plus of glamor and sophistication, especially in neutral colors that, on the other hand, are the most demanded.

The black ones give you distinction and elegance. Therefore, you can combine them with a dark suit jacket to go to work. The white ones provide luminosity and impact while the camels print a touch of naturalness that is easily combined.

Another spectacular format that is gaining ground are square design sandals, whose originality visually surprises and breaks schemes. If you want to complete a sophisticated look, for example, in an elegant cocktail or in a professional conference, they are an excellent option. With a heel, also square, the final effect is impressive.

Do you know chunky sandals? They have a robust and somewhat rough appearance but, now, they are also an unstoppable trend. The mix of these models with braided finishes represents the next evolutionary step for this type of footwear. Break the rules and wear them with jeans, sweatpants, or whatever casual dress you feel comfortable wearing.

The braided mules are also among the most stylish proposals of the moment. They are a type of shoe that lacks any kind of closure and heel, so they are comfortable and flattering. The braided design gives them a trendy and somewhat ethnic style that offers multiple expressive possibilities.

Finally, braided leather sandals also stand out among the preferences of influencers and fashion celebrities with the most followers. One of the most original versions is the one that incorporates pearls and other details in the braiding itself.

The crossed straps and padded uppers with leather finishes make up highly demanded alternatives that are easy to combine. Quality always pleases!

When and how to wear braided sandals for women?

Flat braided sandals have no time or situation: they always look good. You can use them both to go to work with jeans, a black blouse and a tight blazer and to go to college with a pleated skirt, a top and a fine jacket. Of course, with sweatpants and bohemian dresses the effect they get is extremely flattering.

If you opt for vitamin colors, another of the trends of the moment, you can create attractive contrasts in your outfits. Reds, oranges and yellows are bright tones that we encourage you to combine with a single color wardrobe, especially with grays, whites and blacks. Complete your presence with other accessories to match the braided sandals!

Padded, braided and narrow-heeled sandals are ideal for creating professional, elegant and characterful outfits. With a suit jacket, pleated trousers and distinguished outfits they always look good. If you choose black, the versatility multiplies.

In short, step harder than ever with our braided sandals. At Catchalot we have gathered for you a spectacular selection of this type of footwear in all its variants, colors and proposals. Take them in the best conditions and show off your style!


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