Ballerinas and Mary Janes for women Pikolinos

Pikolinos Mary Janes and ballerinas give your feet elegance and comfort. And it is that it is an ultra-comfortable and very attractive type of footwear. In addition, they are durable and made in Spain, so that you will have a product of both quality and proximity.

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Pikolinos ballerinas for women: an essential basic in your wardrobe

Are you looking for halftime shoes that you can wear with almost any item of clothing? Some Pikolinos ballerinas will always save your looks. The ballerinas are characterized by their rounded tip and for being flat and flexible. In fact, ballet dancers wore them to be able to dance for hours without affecting their feet and ankles. Pikolinos brings you different designs and colors for you to choose according to your preferences.

In addition, Pikolinos leather ballerinas are made with environmentally friendly treatments, so with your purchase you will walk comfortably without leaving a carbon footprint.

Pikolinos Mary Janes: comfortable shoes that will remind you of your childhood

Do you remember when when you were little your mother would dress you up and make you pretty, and yet you would run and jump, not caring too much about spoiling your appearance? In large part, that's because you were probably wearing Mary Janes. These shoes differ from ballerinas in that they have a strap over the instep to provide extra support. This way you avoid being left barefoot before any sudden movement.

Thanks to the fact that the Pikolinos women's Mary Janes are made with high-quality leather and their shape naturally adapts to your feet, you will see that they allow you to move with maximum ease, and they give your feet that charming appearance that they had when you were a girl. Do not hesitate to wear them with dresses and skirts as well as with jeans and even dress pants.

Isn't it true that the Pikolinos Mary Janes and ballerinas are beautiful? You'll like them better when you wear them. You will see how comfortable they are!

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