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The best size 39 sandals for the summer season

When the heat arrives, size 39 women's sandals are the best option. Although high-heeled shoes are very sophisticated, flat sandals always have a special place in our summer shoe cabinet. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for a good pair and you are clear about your foot size, we recommend you visit our entire online catalog. Do not forget to take into account your morphology and product design before buying your new size 39 sandals.

How do I know for sure if the women's sandals size 39 correspond to me with certainty?

You may have never thought about it, but knowing if size 39 women's sandals are the right ones for you is very important, since not choosing your correct number can have consequences for your health.

The basic measurement to look for is that your entire foot should rest comfortably on the sole. If your heel sticks out the back or your longest toes stick out, then the sandal is too small for you. But be careful that you are left with excessive freedom to move. It will be uncomfortable and unhealthy. So, if you see that there are too many sandals on both the front and the back, they are too big.

Enter our website, buy sandals in size 39 and check that they fit your foot. Don't worry if it doesn't fit you correctly, our size changes are free!

Do not hesitate and buy women's sandals with the Catchalot guarantee!