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Discover the great selection of size 38 women's sandals that we have available at Catchalot. It doesn't matter what you're looking for: platform, flat, Roman, wedge sandals... you'll find all that and more in our online shoe store.

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The variety and quality of Catchalot size 38 sandals

Most women are fans of open shoes and sandals have been the favorite of all thanks to their freedom of movement and the fact that they admit formal and informal styles. Each pair is different in its elaboration and design, so it's time to choose your favorite among all the size 38 sandals that we have.

At Catchalot we differentiate ourselves by the quality and reliability that we offer at all times. The satisfaction of our customers has shown that we are synonymous with commitment and good work. If you have any questions when choosing women's sandals in size 38, contact us and we will assist you in less than 24 hours.

How do I know for sure if the size 38 women's sandals are the right ones?

You may have never thought about it, but knowing if size 38 sandals are the right ones for you is very significant. We mistakenly think that since they are shoes for short walks, they will not have too many consequences for your health and aesthetics.

The basic and main measure is that your entire foot should be resting on the sole comfortably. If your heel sticks out the back or your longest toes stick out, then the sandal is too small for you.But be careful that you are left with excessive freedom to move. It will be uncomfortable and unhealthy. So, if you see that there are too many sandals on both the front and the back, they are too big.

Order sandals in size 38 in store or online and check that they fit your foot. Don't worry if it's not the right size, our size changes are free!

Do not hesitate and buy women's sandals with the Catchalot guarantee!