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Clogs are back in fashion. And what better than to have the Porronet clogs to dress them with a Mediterranean touch. This Alicante company from Elche is characterized by its handmade models with a chic touch that you can combine with everything.

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How are the Porronet clogs?

Halfway between the esparto wedge sandals and the classic clogs, you will find in the porronet clogs the comfort you need to walk, work or dance for hours and hours. You will see that many models have a padded and leather-lined interior so that you feel as if your feet are surrounded by clouds.

The Porronet brand clogs are committed to a young and casual style, which you can wear at any age. As you can see, they are of different heights: choose the ones that best suit you for each occasion!

Tips for wearing Porronet clogs

It is no coincidence that clogs have become fashionable again. After confinement and, in view of the climate crisis, we want to reflect our desire for freedom in our wardrobe, just as it happened in the 70s, when they were also fashionable.

Porronet women's clogs also have a handmade air and are made mostly of natural materials, so dress according to these ideas. Wear them with cotton or leather dresses and with colors that are also natural or that harmonize with nature, depending on the color of your clogs. They are also a great option for ankle jeans and long or midi dresses or skirts. The trendy wide ankle pants are also perfect for clogs.

So, if you have these clothes in your wardrobe and you like the natural air and comfort that Porronet clogs give you, don't hesitate: get a pair of these clogs from our website!

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