Pikolinos men's sandals

Pikolinos men's sandals perfectly respond to the brand's commitment: to offer quality handmade footwear with comfort as a key element. His philosophy from the beginning is that happiness begins with the feet. Pikolinos has been manufacturing artisan footwear since 1984, creating stylish models. Since then, it has been present in more than 65 countries with designs that inspire lifestyles.

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Pikolinos sandals for men

Pikolinos men's sandals are the essential footwear throughout the summer season, since there is nothing better than keeping your feet cool and sweat-free in the face of the high temperatures characteristic of those months.

Among other prestigious brands, Pikolinos men's sandals stand out for their simplicity and versatility. They are one of the designs that perfectly represent what Pikolinos means: 'comfort and functionality without losing style'.

The Pikolinos sandal models are designed to suit all tastes and you can wear them both on days at the beach and in more formal moments. Comfort and elegance are not mutually exclusive!

Men's leather sandals Pikolinos

Pikolinos men's leather sandals are made for those who demand the highest degree of quality and durability. Men who value the necessary comfort for long working days and who appreciate resistance over the years.

Among its advantages, the following stand out:

  1. The synthetic sole is reinforced with padded gel foam insoles, which provides greater comfort when walking.
  2. The Velcro closure fits securely to the foot. Total adaptability to enjoy Pikolinos men's sandals on any terrain.
  3. They are made from 100% hand-sewn cowhide with topstitching and the inner lining is made up of 75% textile and 25% leather. Which translates into a unique craft work made with top quality materials.

Leather sandals for men Pikolinos in Catchalot

In our stores you will find an infinite number of colors and designs in relation to the footwear you are looking for. You just have to think about what you want your footwear for and the use you want to give it. In the case of Pikolinos men's sandals, you will find more casual designs for going to the beach and other crab shoe styles that are perfect for keeping your feet cool during the day.

You just have to look for the Pikolinos brand, select Pikolinos men's shoes and discover the wide catalog of Pikolinos men's sandals for sale. Discover them!

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