The funniest Night of Terror of the year is near and Catchalot wants your feet to be comfortable for you to have a great time.

Take advantage of our discounts on shoes for Halloween and live the most spooky night with booties, boots or other current and comfortable footwear.

Dance, tour the city with your best costume and stand up to terror with style, comfort and many laughs.


Halloween origin

Today we know Halloween as one of the most chilling nights of the year. A perfect annual event to show off our best costumes and the most elaborate makeup.

However, this has not always been the case. The origin of Halloween comes from the old Celtic festival of Samhain, which was celebrated on the night of October 31.

With this pagan celebration the Celtic New Year was commemorated and also the return of the spirits of the dead to the world of the living.

But how does the name Halloween come up? This word is born by shortening the English words AllHallow’sEve, which is translated into Spanish as «eve of all saints».

Halloween in Spain

Over the years, this holiday has become one of the most important events on the entire planet . So, after the success of Halloween in the United States, Spain also integrated into its calendar of celebrations several years ago.

An ideal event to let your imagination fly and give life to your favorite horror character. The fun is served!

Discounts on new collection shoes for Halloween. Go get them!

Now that you know the importance of this date around the world, you cannot miss Halloween night in Spain.

In Catchalot we will celebrate it in style. Let's get started!

Without a doubt, to succeed on Halloween you have to wear the best costume, but shoes are also a fundamental part of the outfit and give the final touch.

For this reason, in Catchalot we have decided to make a promotion in new collection shoes.You no longer have excuses to create the perfect costume. Select women's shoes and men's shoes that best match your costume.


Normally, for that creepy night, the most common is to choose black women's shoes, black women's boots and even black women's high boots. Black is the star color that day!

However, every costume is a world and not everything has to be black. Therefore, Catchalot has a wide variety of colors and models of shoes in case you want to make a difference and get out of the conventional.

When do shoe discounts begin? 6 days with incredible offers

Discounts will be active from October 28 until December 2 on our website.

Virtually a week of chilling discounts on fall / winter shoes so you can choose your favorite for Halloween (or even for another event). Better impossible, right?

This promotion of shoes for Halloween will help you get the right shoes for your costume or even sign the shoe that you want for another occasion. Everything is advantages!

Promotions on women's and men's shoes only in the online store

We love pampering our customers online and that is why this promotion will only be available on our website. Catchalot physical stores will not have discounts on footwear.

So you can now select the models of shoes that you like most in your wishlist to get them when it arrives on October 28.


The best shoes for your Halloween costume

Remember that in Catchalot we not only offer design and variety, but also the highest quality of shoes.

The best brands at your fingertips and with great discounts. What more can you ask for?

Run the super discounts on shoes for Halloween are about to start!

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