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At Catchalot, we have created this exclusive section for a new shoe collection where, every week, there are new shoe models to discover. Do you want to know what the new season shoes are like?

The most important trends of the new season shoes

The new collection shoes will never cease to surprise you. This year, more than ever, we are betting on models where comfort and eclecticism prevail. Animal print remains in fashion, but a progressive return to classicism is also observed, although with a brushstroke that makes a difference in terms of the use of materials, the cuts of each model and even the different height of the sole or heel.

If the Catchalot new season shoes are going to surprise you for something, it is because of the great variety of different models, which combine different elements with the sole objective of convincing you. With all of the above in mind, you will have no problem finding a perfect pair regardless of how you dress. There is everything for everyone!

What are the new season shoes that will set trends?

In relation to last year, we can confirm that the new season shoes are, in general terms, a logical evolution of the models that triumphed last year. In the new season of shoes there is a great role in sports shoes, boots with a look between classic and innovative, sandals and high heels.

With regard to colors, the new shoe collection continues to focus on the most basic (black, white and brown), but also on the discreet combination of cold or warm colors on a neutral base. Without a doubt, and despite there being a very 90s air in some models, there is no place for stridency. Thus, you can use your new shoes to complete your outfit, making them not a complement, but the key to your new image.

The comfort of new season shoes

If the new season shoes stand out for something, it is because of their comfort. You will always have the option to choose the height, shape, closure and materials of each model. The best brands in footwear, designs that will surprise you and a bet that brings together all the fashion trends, are the three main features of a collection that you should know as soon as possible if you want to turn your shoes into the center of all eyes.

Buy on our website the best shoes of the new season

We have the most interesting options from the most important brands in the sector. To know the new collection of shoes, you just have to enter our website. In the top menu there is a section, «new collection», where you must click. You will get a list with photographs of all the models. To know all the details of the one you like the most, you just have to click on the image. Doing so will open a new window.

Read the descriptive sheet of the model in question, check which are the available numbers and place your order. When you receive your pair of new season shoes where you indicate us, you can return them if they do not convince you at your nearest Catchalot shoe store. That easy. Renew your shoe rack with the new designs and start to tread stronger than ever.