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The kids' nautical you want, buy them in our collection of children's shoes.

The kids also deserve to be comfortable and to the last! The kids' laces with laces are a type of comfortable moccasin that does not go out of fashion and that you can find in our Catchalot collection.

What characteristics are sought in nautical for kids with laces?

On the one hand, that they are resistant and endure the races and games. On the other, they have a prolonged durability to avoid changing shoes frequently.

That is why kids' nautical with laces are the best option at any time of year: because spring and summer come, accompanied by events such as communions, weddings and, above all, the heat and visits to the beach.

The nautical ones for summer children are a good alternative to give them an informal, casual and sporty style. Ideal for walking on summer days with shorts, but also to combine with long pants in those events that require a little more elegance. Always without losing its own essence.

We have the new summer collection with children's fabric nautics.

In our collection you will find kids' nautical fabric shoes. Its main characteristic is a high quality fabric, which makes it lighter and allows a better breathability, adapting to high temperatures.

In addition, they have a non-slip sole, comfortable, resistant and with a variety of colors to give a personal style to the child. For the little ones, they come with Velcro closure, easier and simpler. For the older ones, the classics with laces. In autumn and winter it happens that, with the arrival of the student season in schools, children jump, run and play under adverse weather. Especially when it rains.

That's why they need comfortable, resistant and durable footwear that guarantees and minimizes falls and slips. A specific characteristic of these nautical for kids with laces is its 2-centimeter sole of thermoplastic rubber, made of natural rubber of great durability and non-slip.

Its exterior finish is in leather, and the colors navy blue and leather combined with black or brown rubber sole are the most demanded. There are also models with white soles, more casual, to go to fashion.

Highlights its ease of cleaning, which allows to have the kids' nautical as the first day. Also its high resistance, which makes the nautical footwear shockproof and difficult to wear. The leather, both inside and outside, fits easily to any type of foot as the child walks or runs.

Thus, online kids' nautical shoes are molded to the corresponding width of each one.

So, why is it good to buy nautical shoes for children online?

We present a wide range of possibilities that adapt to the characteristics of the child's foot. We work with different brands that guarantee the quality-price of our boats. You can select the right size. From 20 onwards you will not have stock problems. With a simple click we take you home the nautical ones for your children. As soon as you jump out of bed you can premiere them. If any problem arises, we make the necessary changes and returns as soon as possible.

The nautical for kids with laces had its origin in its use for navigation, for its rubbery sole that allowed grip and stability on the decks of the boats. But it is clear that this first use was only the beginning of the long life of a classic shoe that does not go out of style. It remains the latest and, of course, continues to set trends in adaptability, style and comfort.

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