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Building a fashionable women's sports outfit is easy if you master the combination of casual clothing with accessories and sports-style footwear. At Catchalot we help you achieve that informal and relaxed image you are looking for thanks to our offer with the most current designs and the best international brands.

Bet on white sneakers to create a sporty outfit and a sophisticated and stylish women's sports look

The athleisure style is more fashionable than ever, which means you can wear your sporty women's look outside the gym on any occasion. You will go to the last with cycling pants, an oversized sweatshirt and white sneakers. If, in addition, you bet on a shoe model that has a rough-looking sole, you will have mastered this style with a note.

Another sports outfit for women that you can do with white sneakers is to combine them with a wide plush trousers with a high waist and cuff and a short shirt. The key to elevating your appearance will be the rest of the accessories. You can choose large earrings, a baseball cap and a fanny pack to make your look look more elaborate.

In addition, white sneakers will help you create other types of sports style ensembles whose interpretation is not so literal. You can wear them with knitted dresses or with oversized sweatshirts and a high ponytail to make them the focus of all eyes. Combined with jeans and a shirt they will give a sporty look to any casual look.

How to create a different and sophisticated winter sports outfit

Creating your sports outfit in winter will also be sewing and singing if you have the right shoes and bag. Combine leggings with windbreakers and nylon raincoats, retro sunglasses and sports shoes of the same tone. Monochrome looks are a trend and combining them with the sporty style will create an interesting visual effect that will make you the focus of all eyes.

For accessories, flee from skin and bags with a too formal look. Backpacks, fanny packs and canvas crossbody will complete a set of 10. Those with a metallic finish will also be interesting, since they will give it a certain modern and futuristic touch, something perfectly compatible with the feminine sports style.

The key to women's sporty style and any sporty outffit is in the details

If you want to master the sporty style of women, you will have to learn how to handle details with ease. For this, tennis with interesting materials or prints will be your perfect ally. You will be able to use those more striking aspects in your favor, intentionally creating a focus of attention in your outfit.

Appliques with animal print, metallic details or contrasting laces will make the difference between the sets that anyone uses for sports and a studied look, where sophistication and class meet.

Find interesting color combinations and create fun visuals. Play with complementary colors or replicate patterns and details on different garments to create visual cohesion.

Materials such as leather, canvas, textile or perforated leather will also add richness to your looks. In addition to the visual richness of the colors, the different finishes will provide you with textures with which you can play and experiment, depending on the time of year and the visual effect you want to achieve.

As you can see, with a little imagination and an adventurous spirit you can master the keys to create an exceptional sports outfit. At Catchalot we are up to date with all the trends in footwear, so on our website you will find the shoes and bags you need to go to the latest with your sports look. Visit our website and get inspired by the best designs.