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The casual look is one of the most used by women daily, since it is a style that works for many moments, mainly for day-to-day events such as going to work or having a drink with friends.

The casual outfit has become fashionable, among other things, because it can be easily obtained with comfortable and cheap garments, in a very simple way. Why not say it, it is also an original style, since it allows us to give a personal touch to anything we wear.

In this sense, to achieve the best casual look for women, at Catchalot we find a wide range of possibilities, highlighting the many footwear models and the variety of accessories and accessories.

What is a casual look?

The casual look is one that is worn day by day, where naturalness and simplicity are the protagonists, which are combined with elegance. It is based on the use of simple, comfortable garments, without having too many decorations or being overloaded.

The keys to having the right casual style for women are to wear versatile and highly functional garments where neutral colors such as white, gray, black, blue or garnet predominate.

What type of footwear is the most suitable for a casual look?

Any sneaker you put into your routine can serve you for that casual style. Canvas or Converse sneakers are very popular due to their comfort and simplicity, as well as having designs in many colors.

You can also opt for a flat or low-heeled shoe and, in the case of a casual winter outfit, the best choice is simple boots, the predominant color being caramel. This type of boots can be jackets, patent leather or leather.

On the contrary, in the spring season moccasins are the most used, since they give a more elegant touch, and, for the summer, nothing better than sandals or esparto slippers combined with a midi dress or shorts.

What accessories to choose for a casual look?

For this style, we have a large number of accessories, one of the most widely used being bags. Usually, the most popular colors for this type of accessory are white, brown, black or gray, although there are also more colorful accessories that give a greater chromatic variety to your style.

If you opt for the most striking shades, the best accessories are the basic ones, while for neutral colors, the accessories should attract more attention, but without being strident or losing that touch of elegance.

Nude handbags are one of the most demanded, like black ones, which never fail and combine with everything; In addition, it is a color that never goes out of style.

Small and handmade wicker bags are also common, giving a natural touch to your look. Similarly, you can choose from several embroidered bags, which are a trend today.

What do we have at Catchalot?

Through the web, at Catchalot we offer you a large number of possibilities to get to this casual style that you want so much.

Likewise, we provide various types of accessories so that your casual look does not miss a single detail. From bags to belts and many more garments. In this way, we assure you that you will find quality products and according to the style you are looking for, with the advantage that you can buy them directly on the web easily and comfortably.

In a short period of time, you will have your order at home ready to put it on.