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Discover our collection of men's sandals, a collection full of comfort, versatility and contrast, the keys to buy sandals.

Men's sandals of the best quality

The sandals for men are the perfect shoes for the hottest months of the year, because they allow a correct transpiration of the feet and enjoy the high temperatures. In addition, at Catchalot we have the latest trends in men's leather sandals, guaranteeing the best quality and style at a great price. Also, you can buy through our online store, so going to the last one is easy and simple.

When spring and summer arrive, we must use a cooler and comfortable shoe for our feet. Leather sandals for men are one of the main trends that you can find in this type of shoe, in addition, they combine with a multitude of garments so you can use them on a daily basis. Here we show some of the models that are fully in fashion and available in our shoe store.

Characteristics of men's sandals

There are many brands that bet on this type of footwear for men, as they are one of the star shoes for summer as well as the espadrilles, moccasins or canvas sports that you can find in Catchalot. There are many models of cheap mens sandals that adapt to all kinds of tastes and preferences. Even some of them can be used to go to work, since their design and elegance are suitable for daily use.

Among its main characteristics is comfort. The quality of its materials and its sole adapt to the body to offer greater comfort than other types of shoes, making it a good option if you are looking for casual and modern footwear that makes you feel comfortable all day. On the other hand, the versatility of men's sandals, since you can use them both for the beach or the pool and for everyday use. For this reason, they are essential for this new season, visit our section of comfortable men's sandals.

Depending on the model you choose from our collection, you can use it with a more relaxed or elegant style. As we have mentioned, it is a fresh shoe and you can find models made with leather or other types of fabrics, but with the guarantee of the correct transpiration of your feet, something very necessary on hot days.

Men's sandals for summer

Summer men's sandals can help you turn your personal style into your best business card. Would you like to know why?

Bet on some summer men's sandals

Summer sandals for men are very useful to give your image a more youthful, bohemian and informal look. In addition, this year's collections adapt to all types of styles. Dare to try new alternatives and don't give up wearing the most appropriate footwear to take care of your feet.

What types of summer men's sandals are on the market?

Summer men's sandals are available in various formats, designs and colors. You will find them like flip-flops, with a more sporty and dressy cut. There is a pair for every occasion, so you will be able to fully adapt to any situation.

See our men's sandals by color here:

How to combine summer men's sandals?

You can wear summer sandals for men with jeans, Bermuda shorts or linen pants, to name three examples. Complete your image with a dress shirt, a t-shirt and accessories that share the color with the chosen pair. Try to create a certain chromatic uniformity to surprise.

Materials, price and quality of summer men's sandals

Men's summer sandals are made of high quality leather. At the same time, the soles have different shapes and heights that will adapt very well to your needs. Check the type of closure you prefer to adjust each sandal to your feet and avoid discomfort.

Without a doubt, a pair of summer men's sandals is a perfect wild card for your personal style. Don't hesitate, check out the available offer, choose your favorite model now and get ready to dress better than ever next summer. You will combat high temperatures and look your best version.

Men's leather sandals that are trend

If you are looking for a summer shoe that is made of a quality material like leather, what you are looking for are sandals for men in leather. Leather is one of the most elegant materials used in men's footwear, as they provide sophistication and quality in the footwear. For this reason, this material could not be missing in cheap men's sandals.

There are models made with this material that are both closed and open. Sandals closed are ideal to go to work or to get a casual set but more arranged, since they do not leave the full foot in sight, but allow a correct transpiration. On the other hand, if you prefer a more informal and casual option, open sandals with leather straps are the best alternative. In Catchalot you can find models with greater subjection than others, so you can choose which is more suitable for you.

Buy sandals for men on our website is simple, fast and convenient. It allows you to find and acquire your favorite shoes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you just have to look at our catalog and find the model that you like the most. Always with the guarantee of the best brands and the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of the shoes.

You can also visit our men's shoes section. You are sure to find what you are looking for.

The most popular men's sandal brands