Women's over-the-knee boots - New season 2021

Over-the-knee boots are in fashion, so it's time to complete your wardrobe with these comfortable shoes.

Over-the-knee boots for the woman who loves fashion

leather over-the-knee boots are the latest trend that will undoubtedly be with us for a long time. You do not necessarily have to wear them in winter, since you can also wear them during the fall and early spring. They will give you an elegant and even sensual image, as long as you choose an outfit that, without showing much, makes your imagination fly.

Over-the-knee boots for women are characterized by their length, which reaches the height of the knee. In some cases, they can reach up to the thigh. Thanks to their size they manage to stylize your legs and give the feeling of being longer.

Of course, in our store you can find over the knee boots of various styles. Therefore, you have the opportunity to acquire different models that go with your wardrobe. You will find all the colors you can imagine, from pastel to neutral tones, which combine very well with any outfit.

Whether you like to be discreet or to attract attention, taking risks with provocative shades, on our website you will find what you want.

Over-the-knee boots with platform

Platform over-the-knee boots make your legs much longer, stylizing your figure and showing you as a confident woman. If you like to be the center of attention, without a doubt, these extra inches will achieve the goal you are looking for.

Do not hesitate to choose the most suitable patterns or colors for each occasion. Thus, if you are going to attend an evening event, you can opt for gold or red over the knee boots, although black is usually a wise choice.

You no longer have to associate discomfort with the platform. By offering you the best quality, with leather materials, from the first moment you feel how the footwear adapts perfectly to your feet. Comfort is guaranteed, so that you can stand for hours and even dare to dance if you have the chance.

High or flat leather over-the-knee boots: which one do you prefer?

Our leather over the knee boots are a long-term investment. If you are looking for a shoe for life, this material is the most indicated. When it comes to trends, you don't have to worry, as knee high boots are going to stay with us for a long time.

If you love animal print or prefer a more classic model, you will surely find the one that convinces you. Choosing leather as a material for over the knee boots is your best choice. You can combine them with a casual outfit, either to go to work or meet your friends. Of course they look great at any event, from a family meal to a black tie party.

When it comes to combining them, a multitude of garments will serve you, from a miniskirt to a dress or, if you prefer, you can put them over pants. You also have the option of finding a narrow or bulging boot. You just have to see what your best style is and select the most appropriate over the knee boots for you.

In Catchalot you will find a very complete online service, with everything you need to create your best outfits. Among the over-the-knee boots that we offer you will find endless models for any time of the day. Do not stop having an incredible appearance, setting trends and managing to show long and beautiful legs. Our website will surprise you.


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